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MIG Serials Inverter Shielded Arc Welder(split type)

Item Name:MIG Serials Inverter Shielded Arc Welder(split type)

  • Model Number: MGI-250F
  • Dimensions: 510*196*385mm
  • Rated Duty Cycle: 60%
  • Voltage: 220/380V
Overview Application Feature Technical Warranty Video

1IGBT inverter technology current-type control reliable quality stable performance

2closed-loop feedback constant voltage output strong resistance to voltage fluctuations(±15%)

3electronic reactor control stable welding process small splash deep bath good shaping

4welding voltage is preset when no welding voltmeter shows the preset voltage magnitude

5welding current and voltage can be observed simultaneously

62T/4T optional convenience for long time welding operation

7when arc starting low wire feed; after welding ball cut; ensure success rate of arc.

8wire parts from host large operating range of welding 

9small size light weight simple operation economical and practical 

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