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Plasma power source

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Supply Ruiduncnc CNC Plasma Power Source For CNC Plasma Cutt

Item Name:Supply Ruiduncnc CNC Plasma Power Source For CNC Plasma Cutt

  • type : plasma power source
  • using : cnc cutting machine
  • brand : Ruiduncnc
  • Rated Input Voltage(V): AC380V±15%50/60Hz
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 Plasma is a kind of high energy hot gas with features of high temperature and ionization and therefore conductive. Plasma arc cutting adopts the boot arc which is produced between electrode and torch nozzle and the art transfers to the workpiece after timedelay and then ionizes plasma gas to produce plasma arc to melt the workpiece and the melt metal is blown off by highspeed airflow of plasma gas and protection gas thus to realize the workpiece cutting.





First the arc continuously get aerated and dischargeand produce mechanical compression effect in the pore through the nozzle orifice; meanwhile the center of nozzle equipped with a vortex ring  the plasma gas have been produced strong eddy contraction effect before ionization to make the plasma gas focus into a bunch of very fine gas column to spray from the vortex center; Finally in order to make sure the plasma arc column not go to expansion diffusion caused by plasma arc continuously temperature increment the torch nozzle is cooled through circular cooling fluid in the torch and by lowering the temperature the arc column is compressed again and eventually reach the balance. These 3 kinds of effects above make the arc column intensely compressed and keep the balance with the arc column internal column expansion pressure the gas of arc column center reaches high degree of ionization and comes to a mixture of electrons ions and some atoms and molecules that’s named plasma arc.




Ruiduncnc plasma cutting machine working principle is based on high temperature high-speed plasma arc as heat source melting the partial cut metal and at the same time the molten metal with a jet stream blowing away forming narrow kerf known as the "pipeline".Send such as nitrogen argon or oxygen compressed gas through a narrow pipe. A negative electrode isplaced in the middle of the pipe to power negative electrode and nozzle contact with metals forming a conducting circuit. It will produce high-energy spark between the electrode and the metal.As the inert gas flows through the pipeline the gas spark that is heated until it reaches the fourth state of matter.This process produces a bunch of plasma flow temperature up to about 16949 degrees Celsius the flow speed up to 6096 m / sec it can make metal quickly becomes molten slag.The device can be used for stainless steel aluminum copper iron steel and other metal material cutting not only fast cutting speed cutting slits narrow smooth incision small heataffected zone low workpiece deformation degree simple operation but also has significant energy-saving effect.


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