Troubleshooting Of CNC Cutter

Troubleshooting Of CNC Cutter

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Some Tips On Reduce Your Consumable Costs

All of us know that consumables should be replaced just before they are worn out. You need to develop skill at evaluating the condition of your consumables so that you'll know when replacement is needed.Of course, if you try to continue using your consumables past the point when they need replacement, the quality of your cut parts will be much lower.

But when we look at the consumable cost, it is easy to see that the cost of replacement can add up, so how can we reduce our consumable costs?

First, be certain to use the right consumables for your amperage, and that your amperage is correct for the material you are cutting. Check your cut chart for your plasma power unit whenever you change materials. Perform speed tests and evaluate cut quality. Look for adjustments that will improve quality and those adjustments will often extend the consumable life.

Second, if you experience a fall-off in cut quality, make some immediate observations. Inspect the consumables individually and replace those that are damaged or worn out. But, also look at your air supply to check for excess moisture or oil. Check your work lead connection. And, stay aware of any changes to your cutting height, bevel, and dross. Not only can these problems cause lower cut quality, but they can accelerate wear on your consumables, and that costs you money.

Third,don't simply replace every component in your consumable stack when one component is worn out. Replacing the nozzle, electrode, and cap all at the same time every time will lower your cost.

Fourth,keep a log of when you replace your consumables. This can help identify issues that you can discuss with our technical support department. It can also help you plan your consumable purchases so that you are neither overstocked nor in danger of telling a customer you have to put off their job due to lack of consumables while you scramble to get replacements.

Fifth,get as much experience as you can with your machine so that you can be perceptive of the subtle changes in its operation. This experience will help you to reduce the cost of unnecessary replacements. as well as to extend / maximize the life of your consumables,

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