Troubleshooting Of CNC Cutter

Troubleshooting Of CNC Cutter

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Some Tips On Operating The Machine

Before starting your work with the cutter, it is essential to go through the user’s manual. This will not only familiarize you with safe and correct ways of operating the machine, but will also help in optimizing its capabilities.This will help you to determine the right travel speed and correct settings Also some good tips will increase efficiency of plasma cutter, help its proper maintenance and will also help you getting quality finished workpieces.Following with are some tips on operating the machine.

Travel in Right Direction

It's important to traveling in the right direction in order to get quality finished workpieces. This is because in this direction you can get a better grip and edge. For example, when making circular cut, moving in a clockwise direction can give you better round pieces. In long cuts, the torch keeps moving away from you and in this scenario, a better cut can be made when the metal is on the right hand side.

Maintain Travel Speed

To make cleaner, quality cuts maintaining travel speed is very important .In general, faster travel speed leads to cleaner cuts, so it is important to check the travel speed. Set the plasma cutter to full output when cutting thicker materials.Whlie the thinner materials, you should turn down the amperage and switch to a lower-amperage tip for efficient cutting.

Practice Long Cuts

It is difficult to make long cuts for workers who do not have much experience with plasma cutter. It is tough to stop plasma cutter cleanly and then continue cutting again. Therefore, before pulling the trigger on the actual metal sheet you must practice long cuts movements to make sure that you master the movements to make long cuts. This will help you to make quality long cuts properly.

Keep Air Dry

Clean, dry air is very important for plasma cutting, as it helps in creation of a stable arc through the metal cutting process. So you should pay much attention to compressor and make sure that the water separator system and the dryer works properly.Moisture-filled air can make the arc wander which resulting in inconsistent cuts.

Keep Plasma Torch Clean

In order to ensure there is no slag build-up, you should keep an eyes on check torch ends after cutting metals. When you work with plasma, there is splattering of molten metal along with slag. More slag is created when cutting takes place below the surface. When the slag goes flying, it accidentally makes its way through the torch nozzle or electrode. This slow build-up can result in unstable arc and can also block airflow.Even the most expensive plasma cutters can lose their efficiency due to slag.

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