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Advantages of laser processing

Advanced processing with high-efficiency

It is an non-contact processing without any mechanic squeezing or stress. No need clamping and no damage on the workpieces. Cutting without tooling,so the processing can achieved high speed and efficiency without tooling wearing-off or replacing or dismounting.

Processing with flexibility

No mounting for mould or consumptions, so cutting processing can be achieved on single piece, various kinds pieces or small number of objects with different graphics instantly.

Wide applications

Can processing on rigid, fragile or hard-to-melt metals or non-metals, such as gold, silver, copper, iron, aluminum, nonferrous metals, rare metals.

Low-cost and easy operation

without material consumption, the laser machine can work continuously with high speed and low cost, automatic processing can be achieved by computerization, and easy to operate.

Meeting the requirements of environmental protection

Clean and no hazards, can meet the requirements of environmental protection.

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